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The Modern, Efficient and easy way to Manage your Online Document Library?ScriptNet Solutions present you "Dokky - The new Modern, Efficient and Easy to use Bookcase PHP Script".Dokky is a complete solution that allows you to create a document sharing and viewing website, suitable for...
ScriptNet Solution introduce:

The Modern, Efficient and easy way to Manage your Online Document Library?

ScriptNet Solutions present you "Dokky - The new Modern, Efficient and Easy to use Bookcase PHP Script".

Dokky Document Viewer and Sharing PHP Script

Dokky is a complete solution that allows you to create a document sharing and viewing website, suitable for Professionals, Web Agencies, Bookstores, Online Shops and even Grandmothers who want to share their cooking recipes!

Dokky is an Advanced PHP script that offers a modern, efficient and intuitive user experience for Document Management.
With Dokky, you can create an Online Library where you can Store and Share Documents securely and conveniently.

Dokky has a number of Features that make it an excellent choice for Document Management. In the backend, you can configure in the fly the settings for your installation, such as the ability to add advertisements, configure SMTP mail, use a custom domain, as well as the ability to install Dokky on a shared hosting, subdomain or folder. Also, Dokky is SEO ready and comes with meta and description to improve your visibility on search engines. Dokky is available in 5 different colors, ensuring great customization flexibility.

Dokky's frontend is just as impressive: offers a customized 404 page, allows you to register users, login, recover your password and set a new password via email. In addition, a user-friendly browsing experience with infinite scrolling, doc, docs, docx and pdf file uploads, categories, descriptions and search by tag. Dokky also offers the possibility of performing a global search and a complete list of uploaded files. Dokky also offers a public user profile with Rss, the ability to edit the user profile, user statistics and password change on the site; the possibility of modifying, deleting the document, download all personal documents in zip format, deleting the profile, viewing the file with statistics and information, sharing on social networks, inserting an embed code, downloading the file and creating a QR code. Dokky also provides a list of related files and ensures perfect compatibility with mobile and desktop devices thanks to its responsive interface.

In the new version of Dokky Script (1.3), site visitors can post comments in the published files.
File owners have a dedicated section where they can approve comments or delete them. This last action also includes that the Email used in the deleted comment is included in a Blacklist. This will prevent the use of this email to send further messages on the site.
All links to the uploaded documents are encrypted in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the files, maintaining a higher security standard. The method of viewing documents on Dokky has been changed, so that it is not possible to download files without using the appropriate button; Registered users can decide whether to make documents public or private. This new version also allows Users to choose their browsing language. It is possible to easily modify the texts of the entire site or create a new language.

The "
Dokky PRO" version, expands the available features exponentially, which includes a native payment system via PayPal and timed download of documents directly from the site, making the possibility of selling files even more advantageous and modular. Furthermore, this new version, which also includes the "ScriptBay for Dokky" Add-on, allows an Administrator to easily configure all the available options at the back end, without having to interact with code. For example to change the site language, colors, or the configuration of PayPal, eBay EPN and much more.

Ultimately, Dokky is a complete and intuitive solution for online document management.

Thanks to its wide range of functions, Dokky offers an excellent user experience, ensuring the security of archived documents, better online visibility and customization flexibility. Dokky is easy to install and use, and is an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their domain authority and branding, as well as increase the number of links.

Did you need more Exclusive Features? Check it out Dokky PRO and create in the fly your Documentation Shop!

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